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CIVITAS 2023 and the Transformation of European Youth through Active Citizenship

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CIVITAS 2023 and the Transformation of European Youth through Active Citizenship

The EU's fundamental principles and ideals serve as a compass for a more inclusive and progressive society. Youth, as the future European citizens, must have their voices amplified, participating actively in decisions that shape their destinies. They are often at the forefront of change, with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas for a better world. However, many young individuals miss opportunities to engage with the EU due to barriers like limited knowledge of the Union's workings, media literacy gaps, and a shortage of critical thinking skills.

The CIVITAS, an Erasmus+ funded project aimed at promoting active citizenship through youth work. From September 29 to October 7, 2023, representatives of Fedactio embarked on a week-long training journey in Veli Iž, Croatia. Hosted by Udruga Prizma, an association dedicated to empowering young people and youth workers across Croatia and Europe. This training provided a nurturing environment for various participants from different cultures and countries to connect, share experiences, knowledge, and viewpoints.

The overarching goal of the CIVITAS project is to elevate the quality of youth work within partner organizations by primarily focusing on non-formal education methods. This comprehensive effort involves enhancing the knowledge of youth workers concerning the functioning of the EU, its common values, and fundamental rights. Simultaneously, it equips these youth workers with the essential tools to promote media literacy and nurture critical thinking among young people. And it also try to teach young people, how can they contribute to their communities through active citizenship. Additionally, the project fosters a collaborative environment that facilitates the exchange of experiences among participating organizations. This exchange of insights and best practices serves to leverage non-formal education as a potent vehicle for promoting active citizenship among the youth.

Nine countries, including Udruga Prizma from Croatia and Fedactio from Belgium, took part in this transformative training initiative. The partners included Ottovolante Sulcis from Italy, VitaTiim from Estonia, Splora from Spain, Young Folks from Latvia, Tavo Europa Lithuania, Sdrujenie “Nadejda CRD” from Bulgaria, IGOR from Croatia. This diverse consortium converged with a shared purpose - to empower young Europeans with knowledge, skills, and a sense of unity.

During the training sessions, participants engaged in active discussions centered on critical topics such as the European Union (EU) and its fundamental values, including an exploration of fundamental rights. Delving further into the realm of media literacy and logical fallacies, participants dissected the intricacies of discerning credible information in today's digital landscape. These discussions provided valuable insights into identifying logical errors and biases in media and political discourse. Additionally, participants explored ways to foster media literacy among young people, equipping them with the tools to navigate the information age with clarity and discernment. The training also touched on the importance of voting, pondering the universal applicability of EU values, and contemplating concepts like equality, equity, and the role of non-discrimination policies in nurturing active citizenship. Participants also delved into strategies for electoral system reform and methods to invigorate political participation, all within the context of their training on EU-related topics.

A diverse range of engaging non-formal education activities enriched the training experience. Participants had the opportunity to partake in a "World Cafe" session, where they explored the concept of active citizenship in an interactive and dynamic setting. The "Percipio Game" added an element of gamification to the learning process, making it both enjoyable and informative. Meanwhile, the "Four Corners" activity delved into EU values and their relation to active citizenship, prompting thought-provoking discussions. Workshops were also an integral part of the training, with one focusing on logical fallacies and mental biases, equipping participants with critical thinking skills. Another workshop tackled the critical issue of fake news, arming attendees with tools to navigate the information landscape discerningly. Lastly, "Fishbowl Conversations" provided a forum for in-depth discussions on the intersection of youth and active citizenship, fostering meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas among participants. These innovative educational activities not only enhanced understanding but also encouraged active participation and engagement among trainees.

In summary, CIVITAS 2023 has been a vital stepping stone towards nurturing active citizenship among European youth. Through interactive training sessions and engaging activities, participants from nine countries gained valuable insights into EU values, media literacy, and critical thinking. This initiative, funded by Erasmus+, has equipped these young individuals with the knowledge and skills to empower the next generation of active citizens. As they return to their respective communities, they carry with them the tools to promote meaningful change, fostering a brighter and more inclusive future for Europe.

This article reflects the views only of the authors (Suleiman, Ayperi, Ihsan and Burak), and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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