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Education centers of Fedactio gather under one roof

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The education centers Prisma, Academie, Gouden Meridiaan and La Tulipe of Fedactio have united under the roof of the Belgian Education Center (OCBE).

The Boards of Directors of the aforementioned educational centers met on December 1, 2013 to sign the protocol that will allow them to work together in a more efficient and productive way. The foundation of OCBE according to Chairman Hüsnü Can is a necessary step, since the education of children is important for both the future of those children as for the society. The biggest challenge for parents and society is to educate the children not in line with the time / conditions in which they live, but in line with the time / conditions in which they will live. "There is a need to sacrifice and work hard to ensure that all students have the same knowledge and insight. Everyone should invest in the information society"said the chairman of the OCBE. Under this platform, the chairmen of the education centers Prisma, Academy, Meridian Gold and La Tulipe try to maximize the rate of success by working together. The centers have agreed to support each other in the field of communications, finance, information and motivation.
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