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Brussels Cultural Days were a success for the 4th time

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The Brussels Cultural Days, which took place from May 15th to 17th of this year, also sparked great interest. The cultural festival was organized on the campus of Ecole des Etoiles, and there were thousands of visitors during these three days.

Traditional Turkish music
The first day of the festival was dominated by traditional Turkish music. In the evening, actor/poet Reha Yeprem and singer Gökmen performed. In the exhibition area, visitors could see several traditional hand crafts. Visitors could also join an Ebru workshop, observe the production of ceramic pots, jewelry, and decorations made from silk cocoons, and could purchase traditional instruments, such as the qanun and the oud.

Gökhan Türkmen
The campus became full quickly as usual because pop sensation Gökhan Türkmen was on stage. He blew the audience away with his ballads and pop songs. In the theater room, the shadow play Karagoz and Hacivat was held, in which puppets represent different places, presented by the brothers Hakan and Vural Arısoy. The little ones had the opportunity to participate in various activities. In the afternoon, professor and columnist Mümtazer Türkone gave a lecture.

Mehmet Erdem
The final day ended in a festive manner. The audience was warmed when a folklore group's dances from different regions took the stage. Then, pop singer Mehmet Erdem took the stage and sang his most famous songs and also some Turkish classics. The last day of the festival was attended by among others, the mayor of Ganshoren, Hervé Gillard; the mayor of Saint-Josse, Emir Kır; Schaarbeekian Alderman for Culture, Sadık Köksal and radio presenter Kenan Erer.
Visitors could enjoy three days of specialties from the Anatolian cuisine. There were also stands from different organizations such as booksellers Atlas, Fondation contre le Cancer and Time to Help, which received great interest from the visitors.

About Beltud
The Belgian Association of Turkish Friendship (Beltud) was founded in 2010 with the aim to foster friendship and encourage dialogue between the different communities in Belgium. Beltud is committed to deepening the relationship between the Belgian and Turkish communities and brought this culture - in the broadest sense of the word - to life. Beltud is also a founding member of Fedactio.
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