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Golden Rose opened its doors

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Association Golden Rose, which is in operation since April 2009, officially opened its doors with an opening reception helds on June 17 with Joelle Milquet Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Clerfayt Federal Secretary of State, Jean-Luc Vanraes and Brigitte Grouwels Ministers of the Brussels-Capital, Emir Kir Secretary of State of the Region of Brussels Capital, Cecile Jodoigne vice mayor for the municipality of Schaerbeek, Ismail Cingöz, President of the Belgium Active Associations Federation, as well as numerous representatives of civil society and around 200 guests.
Arzu Ersezer, General Secretary of the Golden Rose, said that Golden Rose will be a meeting place of  knowledge for different cultures that live together. Mrs Ersezer said that woman is one of the most important pillars of society and need help to grow stronger, she presented their goal as to make women more independent, more active in the social life the association tries to encourage women in their studies, supporting them throughout their careers, giving them opportunities to express themselves, enhancing their work and providing the tools which is necessary for their projects.
“The pillar of society”
Nur Esra Karadag the President of the association said that the woman is the pillar of society: “” her opinions are important in understanding contemporary problems in all areas. However, we note that there is great inequality, such as inequality in employment, in wages, in the family, access to certain key positions. Today some progress has been made but they are still insufficient. Women are not sufficiently encouraged and supported in their projects. That’s why we wanted to participate in the revitalization of the women through education, training and preparation for professional life. Underlining the fact that Golden Rose was born from the need of promoting the success of women in all areas, the President presented their approach as follows: “Our approach is to allow women of any age, any social level to make them more  independent. We want to help women get the place they want and deserve.”
Emir Kir, the Brussels State Secretary, raised the fact that women are still very far from the position they deserve, before asserting that the activities of the Golden Rose enable it to maintain their hope.. Brigitte Grouwels, Brussels Minister of Transport has praised the association’s dynamic team she said they could move mountains whit this enthusiasm. The Federal Secretary of State Assistant to the Minister of Finance Bernard Clerfayt recalled the famous words of song by Jean Ferrat, the woman is the future of man before commend the initiative of the Golden Rose. The outgoing Deputy Prime Minister, Joelle Milquet said that she amazed by the professionalism of the association. Mrs Milquet shared his impressions as follows: “I was very impressed because it is a very professional organization. Their projects are extraordinary and I support them.”
Golden Rose is an association which now has over 110 active members and focuses particularly on “the role of women in society, including in the areas of cultural integration, social cohesion and participation in society. A range of activities that encourage personal development, social and cultural participants is implemented by the association. Seminars, conferences and various cultural activities are organized for this purpose. In addition, any consulting work in some areas such as education, law, health and career is being conducted to promote women’s personal development.”
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Golden Rose

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