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Isabelle Durant:

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Our board of directors and representatives of our associations have welcomed delegations of political party Ecolo (The Greens in Belgium) at a dinner which is given in their honor. Vice-President of the European Parliament Isabelle Durant headed the delegation former co-president Sarah Turine, Mr. Cem Özdemir former MEP and Co-Chairman of the German Greens was among the guests at the meeting which is very pleasant.

Our Secretary General Ahmet Ulusoy welcomed the delegations on behalf of Fedactio. Representatives of some of our member associations were took the floor to present their activities. There were also Zoé Genot from Federal Parliament, Barbara Trachte, Alain Maron, Ahmed Muhsin, Zakia Khattabi from Brussels Parliament among the delegations. The advisor to the European Green Ali Yurrtagül and nearly 50 representatives of civil society were also present. We are aware that we have little contact with our fellow citizens of foreign origin."

Former president of Ecolo Turine Sarah gave a short speech: "We are very pleased that today we can sit together with you. I thank Fedactio for this meeting. "Turine explained their project which called 'Ecolo in the plural" (Ecolo au pluriel) that began half year ago and said: "This project aims to strengthen the contact between Ecolo and the people of immigrant origin and residents of poor neighborhoods.” This project arose after the regional elections of 2010, starting from the observation that there is a duality in Brussels in terms of success rates in education, language proficiency and success in the social economic level. The Brussels green declared that they need local partners. Therefore, they meet with associations, neighborhood committees and organized immigrant associations to dialogue.
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