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Fedactio's Annual Iftar Dinner

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This year the annual iftar dinner of Fedactio took place in the primary school Ecole des Etoiles'. Belgian Turks coming from different regions were present at this evening.

About 300 people including politicians, representatives of Turkey and representatives of associations, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists and athletes came to the iftar dinner of Fedactio. Brussels Minister Emir Kir, Turkish Consul Deniz Cakar, Brussels deputy Mahinur Özdemir, chairman of the Executive of Muslims in Belgium Semsettin Ugurlu, former chairman of the Islamic Federation of Belgium Zeki Bayraktar, chairman of the Assyrian Association in Belgium Numan Ergen and footballer Sinan Bolat were present at the evening.

President Musa Soydemir and general coordinator Yüksel Kaya gave a speech. Musa Soydemir thanked the attendees in his speech and he said: 'We are approaching the 50th year of Turkish migration in Belgium. Tonight we have leaders from different associations, politicians, artists, doctors, lawyers, school principals, teachers and businessmen among our guests. In other words, all areas of civil life are represented here, tonight. '. General Coordinator Yüksel Kaya expressed that 'The Turkish Belgians have organized programs in order to help the people in Somalia and Van last year and this year in Myanmar. If our generation wants to build a new and fairer world, love and compassion must be the stones. 'Says Kaya. He concluded his speech with these words 'There is enough room for everyone at our table and in our heart. '

At the end of the evening, some attendees asked to share their thoughts with the public. Brussels Minister Emir Kir thanked Fedactio to bring people together from different sectors of society. Minister Kir also praised the school and said that 'It is an extraordinary and wonderful school. They try to educate the children with an alternative teaching method here. I would like to be a kid again, to be able to go to this school and I think the students who attend to this school are very lucky.'
Consul Deniz Cakar expressed that the Turkish community in Belgium does more rather than watch. In addition, she also mentioned the upcoming elections. Afterwards Brussels Deputy Mahinur Özdemir wished all participants a blessed month of Ramadan and thanked the board of Fedactio for the invitation and added that 'This school is the best proof of what Turkish Belgians can achieve by coming together and join hands'.
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