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The Flemish Parliament opened its doors for the finale of the SocialSciences Olympiad

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The Flemish Parliament welcomed the finalists of the Social Sciences Olympiad together with their numerous supporters. The committee rooms of the parliament were used by the teenagers to present their research on a particular issue regarding the social sciences. The students gave the jury members Prof. Dr. Johan Leman, Prof. Dr. Ides Nicaise, Prof. Dr. Dimitri Mortelmans, journalist Annelien de Greef, MPs Elke Roex, Helga De Valk, Siegfried Bracke, Nahima Lanjri and Fouad Gandoul a hard time.

The Social Sciences Olympiad is an initiative of the Flemish Olympiad Association (VOV). This unique interschool competition in Flanders challenges students aged 17-18 to find a solution to social problems. The students were given a year to prepare their research and finally they were given the opportunity to present their work at Flemish Parliament.

Students raised the issues of bullying, rights for donor children, gender representation in politics, the future of trade unions and other interesting themes. After the preselection the contestants were able to distress during the guided tour in the parliament. More than 100 attendees joined the tour.

The big moment, finally, came. President of the Flemish Parliament Jan Peumans opened the award ceremony by a welcome speech. President of CD&V Wouter Beke and rector of KULeuven Rik Torfs were also present at the ceremony. Eventually, Vincent Nagels, Robin Verbruggen and Merve Imemek of Katholiek Scholencentrum JOMA in Antwerp came in first. They are leaving to Kirgizstan this summer for a social internship where they will be doing voluntary work. After the prize ceremony the participants enjoyed a snack and a drink in the Hall of Pillars.

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