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A message of unity and solidarity was conveyed at the fourthtraditional Ramadan dinner of Fedactio

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The dinner organized by Fedactio during every Ramadan, took place for the fourth time this year.
The event organized in the main hall was joined by the Secretary of the Turkish Embassy in Brussels Oya Yazar Turan, Deputy Resident Representative of the EU Nurşen Numanoğlu, Vice-Consul Gamze Algün, MPs Mahinur Özdemir and Veli Yüksel, Mayor of Saint-Josse Emir Kır, Deputy Mayor of Schaerbeek Sadık Köksal, President of the European-Turkish Business Confederation (UNITEE) Dr. Adem Kumcu, President of the Muslim Executive Şemsettin Uğurlu, Editor-in-Chief of Zaman Benelux Mete Öztürk, leader of the Assyrian Community in Belgium Numan Ergen, President of the Federation Özdernekler (FZOVL) Ceylan Kara, Director of the Turkish Cultural Association Yunus Emre Rahmi Göktaş, Education Counselor Sinan Ada, Members of the International Advisory Board Meryem Kaçar and Hüseyin Aslan, President of ATEP Metin Edeer, General Manager of Turkish Airlines Belgium Mustafa Yıldırım, President of Music Club İsmail Erdoğdu and many other business men, journalists and important invitees.

The evening started with the opening speech of the President of Fedactio’s Board of Directors Musa Soydemir. Soydemir welcomed and thanked the invitees for joining the dinner in an atmosphere of love, tolerance and peace.

The main course was followed by Berkay Ertaş´s performance of the poem “Ben Anadoluyum”. This poem came in first at the Turkish Olympics organized in May/June 2013 and was well received by the listeners during the evening.

Next, General Secretary of Fedactio Ahmet Ulusoy took the floor to give a talk about the importance of the dinner. “We are all travellers on a path. And today our paths cross each other here during the holy month of Ramadan. This is an opportunity to explore our richness and what we have in common. It is not a need to come together but a necessity. Ramadan is a month of mercy and compassion. During these days patience and tolerance emerge to the foreground and we are remembered of love, peace, modesty and solidarity. Ramadan is the month of unity and togetherness.” spoke Ulusoy.

Secretary of the Embassy Oya Yazar Turan, on the other hand, emphasized the importance of togetherness by saying, “No matter where we are, there are more things that unite us than the things that separate us from each other. We should make an effort to keep it this way. I hope we can carry on this feeling after Ramadan”.

Mayor of Saint-Josse Emir Kır remarked that remembering disadvantaged people makes Ramadan a glorious month. Furthermore, Kır stated that he wanted to congratulate NGO’s like Fedactio during this peculiar month for representing the Muslim community well. The Mayor of Saint-Josse complimented all the organizations that took a similar initiative.

Member of the Brussels Parliament Mahinur Özdemir thanked Fedactio for bringing everyone together on their traditional Ramadan dinner. “This dinner remembered us of the Ramadan dinners in Turkey.” the MP announced.

Deputy Mayor of Schaerbeek Sadık Köksal, then, said he was pleased that he was accompanied by so many people from all over Belgium. “As the host of this municipality, I wish you all welcome.” Köksal spoke congratulating Fedactio.

After a brief speech by respectively President of UNITEE Dr. Adem Kumcu, President of the Muslim Executive Şemsettin Uğurlu, MP Veli Yüksel, Member of the International Advisory Board Meryem Kaçar, leadr of the Belgian-Assyrian community in Numan Ergen, President of ATEP Metin Edeer, President of the Music Club İsmail Erdoğdu, President of FZOVL Ceylan Kara, the speakers underlined the importance of education, unity, togetherness, mutual respect and tolerance. Moreover, Fedactio was praised for its organizations and for the dinner. The speakers celebrated everyone for Ramadan.

Finally, tea was served while the invitees enjoyed Turkish classical music by qanun master Nazmi Dural and the contrabass leader of the Antwerpian Royal Filharmonika Orchestra Aykut Durșen.
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