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Seminar 'Bullying at School'

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On November 18, Golden Rose held its weekly brunch after which an information session in collaboration with 'La Ligue des familles' took place. The topic of the discussion was 'bullying at school'. Mr. Serge of the Youth and Family Service of the local police was also present to provide information on what can be done against bullying in schools and how it can be avoided. After the seminar, the participants were given the opportunity to share their own experiences.

A child who is bullied at school cannot easily tell this to his parents. He will talk less at home, be anxious, lock himself up and not want to go to school. To understand the problem well and intervene in time, the child should tell his parents everything and for this there must be adequate communication between the child and his parents. Another important means to tackle the bully problem is by talking with the management of the school and the teacher. The CLB (Student Guidance Centre) can be optionally asked for advice to detect the cause of the problem and to reconcile the two parties. According to Mr. Serge most bullying cases take place in secondary school and less in primary schools. The police are often invoked in case of theft and violence. "In common cases, we find that ethnicity and discrimination play a role. It is mainly groups that pick the weak of the school and bully them", said Mr. Serge.

The conclusion we can draw on bullying in school is that children who are less self-confident are usually bullied in school. Children who do not have friends and are less social, become victims of violence.
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