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Beltud explores Antwerp

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On Saturday, 16th of November Beltud took 35 Brussels based members to Flanders' biggest city Antwerp.

The Beltud members braved the fog and cold Saturday morning and gathered at 11 AM at Grand Place. Not to welcome Sinterklaas but to explore the historic center of the Flemish metropolis. The tour began at the statue of Silvius Brabo which depicts the legend of how Antwerp got its name. According to the legend, the legendary Roman soldier Silvius Brabo killed the giant Druon Antigoon. This giant cut off the hand of unwilling tax payers and threw them into the river. However Brabo killed the giant and also cut his hand, which he threw into the river. Antwerp would therefore come from 'hand werpen', the Dutch verb for ‘throw’.

Under the guidance of the sympathetic Antwerpian Pieter-Paul, or Pierre-Paul for inhabitants of Brussels, a visit was paid to the Friday Market, Vlaeykensgang, the H. Conscience place and the beautiful Charles Borromeo Church. The group met the traces of legendary Antwerpians like Rubens, Van Ostaijen and Conscience and was impressed by the heritage of the city.

After the two-hour tour, it was time to warm up and the group dropped by the Fedactio office in Merksem where they were ablt to enjoy a traditional Turkish lunch. The menu of lentil soup, green beans, salad and rice fell in the favor of the participants. Most participants tasted "Asure" or Noah's pudding for the first time, a traditional dessert that is prepared around this time of the year is distributed among family, neighbors and friends as a sign of friendship and peace. Cüneyt Er, Project Assistant at Fedactio Antwerp,  took the opportunity to inform the guests about their activities. Traditionally, the dinner ended with a 'glass' of Turkish tea and a piece of Turkish delight. The group then returned to the city center where each of them could explore Antwerp at their own pace.
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