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Fedactio celebrates the 50 years of migration

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2014 is an important year for our Federation. There has been exactly 50 years that our country signed bilateral agreements with Turkey in order to attract people who could work in the industry. In the framework of the 50 years of migration, Fedactio organises the project '50 years in Belgium'.

The project consists of a variety of 50 social, cultural, sport and education activities spread accross the country. With the project "50 years in Belgium", we want to take a look behind to the history of immigration, but we also want to create bonds for the future and invest in the intercultural lifestyle and social cohesion.

The project was started in 2012 with an opening reception where eminent people were present; such as the Vice-Prime Minister Joelle Milquet, the President of the Flemmish Parliament Jan Peumans, the Minister of the Brussels Government Brigitte Grouwels and the former Turkish ambassador Ismail Hakki Musa. In 2012 and 2013, we organised concerts, exhibitions, conferences, festivals and many other events in collaboration with our member associations as well as our external partners. Through those activities, we reached dozens of thousands of people. Our festival "The Cultural Days of Brussels" alone attracted more than 30 000 people.

Two years and 40 projects later, we are coming to the summit of our project "50 years in Belgium". We are starting 2014 with the cartoon contest, followed by its exhibition; an initiative of Beltud, our member association. The contest aims to use the eloquent and humoristic language of caricature to take a different look to the 50th anniversary of immigration. The exhibition will travel accross the country. We also promote the "Art of Living Together" project, that brings together people from different horizons in a friendly environment in order to create bridges between different cultures. Many other activities are planned, such as the drawing contest themed on peace, the talent-show "The colours of Belgium", the show "BX Stand-Up" and many others.

The complete list of activities is available on
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