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The secret of black tea revealed at the Turkish Tea Night

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On Friday, January 17th, the Association for Belgian-Turkish Friendship (Beltud) organized a traditional Turkish Tea Night. During the first activity of the new year 60 people from Brussels and its surroundings came together to explore the tea culture of Turkey and to enjoy a ‘glass' of tea and Turkish delicacies. Among the visitors were Princess Stephanie Windisch-Graetz and mayor of Saint-Josse Emir Kir.

Bringing together people from different ethnic backgrounds to encourage cultural exchange is one of the main missions of Beltud. It is in the context of this mission that this intercultural was organized.

Upon arrival guests were offered cologne, as tradition demands it. Lokum - also known as Turkish Delight - was presented to the visitors. While listening to the instrumental music of Göksel Baktagir, attendees were able to get know each other. The presentation of Turkish tea happened with an interview by the British author Katharine Branning who wrote the book 'Yes I would like to have another cup of tea'. Seyma Gelen - presenter of the evening - completed this first meeting with tea by giving historical and geographical information. Seyma then gave the audience a demonstration on how to prepare the tea.

Did you know that Turkish tea always tastes different depending on how it is prepared?  Strong or diluted, with sugar, lemon or cinnamon ... Something for everyone.

After the demonstration, the attendees were offered a 'glass' of' tea and a piece of cake. At the end of the evening a raffle was held. The winner went home with a teapot and a set of Turkish tea glasses. The other guests were given a bag of tea to take home. Anne Leroy thanked Beltud for the warm welcome, the interesting presentation and the heartwarming generosity. Khadija Benkara said, "It was a beautiful evening. Turkish tea has no secrets for me anymore. I will definitely prepare it at home! Thanks for having me. I felt at home!".

This event is part of the project "50 years in Belgium", a series of activities organized by Fedactio in context of the 50th year of migration. More information is available on
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