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Ebru has been opened

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The opening of the photographic exhibition “Ebru, reflections of cultural diversity in Turkey” organized by the Culture and Art Platform in partnership with the Belgium-Turkey Association for Friendship (Beltud) took place on Tuesday 11 January to the Fedactio Exhibition Room. Many politicians, artists, students and associations were present.</p>
The Brussels Secretary of State Emir Kir, the President of the Council of the VGC Carla Dejonghe, Senator Bert Anciaux, the Consul General of Turkey Mehmet Poroy, Brussels Deputy Mahinur Özdemir, Schaarbeek Alderman Sait Köse and many journalists were among the guests.
After eleven exhibitions in Turkey, two in the U.S., five in Europe, Ebru came to Belgium and met with a substantial interest. The photographs reflect a diversity that is rooted in different cultural identities, while down the common thread of our humanity. Attila Durak’s Ebru reflects the diversity of faces in his country. Result of a quest for seven years, Ebru is an impressive photographic journey among the peoples of Anatolia.
The word “”Ebru”” means “”marbling.”” This painting technique which combines the millennium paint and water on paper recalls the endless creative combinations of these three elements and symbolizes all the historical flood flows and the persistence of all colors in shades that are intertwined. The peoples of Turkey, who lived through these countless movements whose traces still exist at present, are at this image. In itself, Ebru is a metaphor that offers an alternative much more promising than the “”mosaic”” to think about new and old dilemmas of cultural politics of the early 21st century.
In his inaugural speech, the photographer Atilla Durak shared the following comments: “”Every picture tells a story and speaks to us. They tell us all ‘We’re here.Although we have a language, a religion and a different culture, we all have one thing in common: that of being all human beings’. These pictures show that it is possible to be happy while being different. Turkey is undergoing a big change. She realized its wealth and its cultural diversity and correct its mistakes “”
“”Ebru also contains important messages for politicians Belgians”” Senator Bert Anciaux testified that exposure comprised an important message for the different communities living in Belgium. Stressing that he must stop despising each other and accept our differences. We must act together. Turkey is a country that I’m close and I must admit it has made great progress both socially and community, especially in terms of cultural diversity and learn to live together. Mutual respect passs first by the knowledge of others, Anciaux thanked the artist Attila Durak Fedactio and for organizing the meeting of this project with the Belgian public.
The Secretary of State Emir Kir Brussels shared his feelings thus: “”In a word: it was perfect! Fedactio and photographer Attila Durak have us presented all the colors of Turkey using these photos. Our differences are our wealth. We must adopt a philosophy of life based on tolerance “”
The Ebru exhibition is open to visits to the Fedactio Exhibition Room (Rue des Palais 27, 1030 Schaerbeek) from Tuesday to Sunday between 11 and 19 hours until 2 March inclusive.
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