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Turkish Community in Belgium gathered around Fedactio’s iftar

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The Federation of Active Associations in Belgium (Fedactio) undertook an unprecedented organisation in Belgian history at the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Having succeeded to bring together more than 400 people around the same iftar dinner, Fedactio managed to hold an unforgettable evening for the participants.
In an atmosphere of unity and solidarity, the president of Fedactio, Mr. Ismail Cingöz made the following statements: “We may already have some kind of acquaintances with the participants of this evening, but we probably don’t even know each other’s names. What makes this evening very special for me is that we get together, stand together, and share this beautiful evening with all of you as the participants coming from various parts of Belgium and having different opinions, ideals and worldviews. I’m quite proud to see this variety of people participating to this event.”
Fedactio is an umbrella federation established three months ago and has brought together under its roof tens of associations so far. With its iftar dinner organised at Conrad Hotel in Brussels, Fedactio managed to get the leading representatives of Turkish community in Belgium around the same table. This organisation was a unique one in Belgian history in terms of its capacity and profile of participations who are coming from various backgrounds and sectors such as leading opinion leaders, politicians, academicians, businessmen, professionals and students. Among nearly 400 attendees, there are prominent people like the state minister in Brussels region Emir Kır, the member of Brussels Parliament Mahinur Özdemir, deputy-mayor of Schaarbeek municipality Sait Köse, deputy-mayor of Saint-Josse municipality Hava Ardıçlık, the undersecretary at Turkish embassy in Brussels Tufan Korkut, the counsellor for Labor and Social Security Metin Tosun, the deputy educational counsellor Saliha Eker, the head of the Representative Organisation of Muslims in Belgium Şemseddin Uğurlu, the head of EYAD Metin Eder, the president of Islamic Federation in Belgium Zeki Bayraktar, the chair of Women and Children Development Association Esma Caner, along with previous senator Meryem Kaçar, Antwerpen city council member Ergün Top, the members of Schaarbeek city council Sadık Köksal and Derya Alıç and the member of Gent city council İlknur Cengiz.
“The month of Ramadan provides us solutions to our problems with its unique iftar and sahur rituals”
The president of Fedactio Ismail Cingöz emphasized on that the month of Ramadan may provide solutions to problems encountered in our contemporary world. He continued: “There are many problems in our world today that may be material, spiritual, cultural, social, economic and educational. We have one more problem which is as important as these ones and that is the ideological problems that we face in our societies and in our world. I believe that this holy month of Ramadan gives us many possibilities in dealing with these challenges with its magnificent rituals like sahurs and iftars.”
While thanking to the participants to this evening, Mr. Cingöz declared: “There are some moments when words don’t make any sense. I’m now in such an emotional moment. It is something really incredible. We had a great time today sitting all together around the tables as people living in our new land of Belgium and much far away from our homeland.”
The president concluded his speech as follows: “All of you have great responsibilities on your shoulders. It is highly honorable to act together with civil society organisations who are actively participating in the society like you.”
“Hatırla” receives huge applause
After the president’s speech, a poem called Hatırla that is written by journalist and writer Kerim Balcı and vocalised by İbrahim Sadri was presented to the audience’s appreciation. The audio-visual clip which made many cried was about the importance of dialogue and communication in solving the problems that humanity faces in today’s world. The participants have expressed their gratitude to the Fedactio’s president Mr. Cingöz at the end of the programme.
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