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Fedactio's commitment as part of International Women's Day

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As part of International Women's Day celebrated on March 8, Fedactio would like to reiterate its commitment to the defence of women's rights and gender equality. Although mentalities evolve in some contexts, such as in politics where women now manage to find their way, gender inequalities are still deeply rooted in our society.

The International Women's Day is an opportunity to mark the occasion and continue the fight for a gender-equal society. In this context, events will be organised throughout Belgium from March 6 to 15. In Brussels, a very rich and varied programme of events has been established, ranging from self-defence lessons to film debates, as well as round tables on various topics such as the objectification of women in the Maghreb, the place of women in the media or gynaecological abuse. These events are the perfect occasion to learn about the place of women in our society and to take stock of the situation. Between the objectives already achieved and the many advances that still need to be accomplished, the road to gender equality remains long and full of obstacles. Fortunately, many field actors including associations, non-profit organizations, feminist movements, collectives and many others have taken up this issue and made it their daily battle. 

In recent weeks, Fedactio has also tried to contribute to the promotion of women, particularly through its campaign intended to put women in the spotlight. In this way, we have portrayed women from all backgrounds, active in many and varied fields such as STEM, politics, education and biology. In the field of science, we had the opportunity to talk to Angélique Léonard, Laurence Broze, Stella Diamant, Elise Marsicano, Sophie Lucas and Nisreen El-Hashemite, all women with brilliant and inspiring careers. In politics, Fedactio also highlighted the activities of inspiring women such as Els Van Hoof for her fight against female genital mutilation, Anuna De Wever for her commitment against global warming and Michelle Obama for her involvement in the issue of girls' education. All these women, however different they may be, represent models of success for future generations and are living proof that women are just as capable as men of achieving brilliant careers and ambitious projects. 

Through all these meetings that have enriched our "Women and Society" platform, Fedactio has tried to highlight the under-representation of women in order to raise public awareness of the related issues. In a society made by men, for men, it is imperative to put in place concrete actions aimed at promoting greater feminisation to reach a society that is equal and therefore more representative of the individuals who compose it. Although this struggle is far from over and Fedactio will continue to make its contribution, the final word goes to the United Nations, whose leitmotif for the International Women’s Day will be: "Think equal, build smart, innovate for change". 

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