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Sowo finalists head to Kirgizstan for a social internship

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The winners of the Social Sciences Olympiad, an initiative by the Flemish Olympiad Association, left for Kirgizstan this Monday.

The winners of the Social Sciences Olympiad are going to Kirgizstan for a social internship. It is not a journey, but an internship that will take you out of your comfort zone and make you stand on your own feet by learning about other cultures and customs. The winners of the first prize, Vincent Nagels, Robin Verbruggen and Merve Imemek from the Katholiek Scholencentrum JOMA in Antwerp have departed to Kirgizstan, this Monday. The social internship will take place in Kirgizstan. During their internship the finalists will be doing voluntary work in different institutions such as schools, hospitals,  aid agencies and others.

By this social internship, the Olympiad Association aims to underline the importance of social values. Moreover, the association wants to promote voluntary work to improve the youngsters’ sense of responsibility. The jury committee decided on Kirgizstan for this year’s internship. Finalists from previous editions of the Olympiads have been to Gaziantep in Turkey and to Cape town in South-Africa.

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