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Drawing Competition 'The elderly tell, the young dream'

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The drawings of the 50 finalists of the drawing competition, organized by the Flemish Olympiad Association (VOV) in partnership with the French-speaking Olympiad Association (Francolympiades), under the theme 'The elderly tell, the young dream' will be showcased in a special exhibition area of the Federation of Active Associations (Fedactio) in Brussels.

Exhibition of 2/3 to 31/3 - Paleizenstraat 27, Brussels, + 32 71 31 12 12 - Monday to Friday from 13 to 17 pm on Saturdays and Sundays and only open by appointment.

Theme "Older people tell, youngsters dream"
Today's youth and the elderly also suffer from prejudice and often base their perception on prejudices that are not consistent with reality. With this in mind, the theme "The elderly tell, the young dream" was selected for the fourth edition of the drawing contest. Children and seniors  were encouraged to meet, get to know each other better, and understand each other. Afterwards, the young people could create their drawings about their encounter and exchange with the seniors.

50 finalists
This year , over 1,000 children from the second and third grade primary school participated in the fourth edition of the drawing competition "Art of Living Together".  Children from across Belgium sent their drawings on intergenerational dialogue. After a long selection process in each province, 50 finalists were finally selected.

At the national finals, the three winners were determined by an independent jury:
The winner of the first prize was Sarah Haddad.
The winner of the second prize was Maysa Chairi
The winner of the third prize was Nele Van Baelen

About VOV
The Flemish Olympiad Association has started with the premise that "every child is talented." However, not every child has the opportunity and chance to discover his or her talents. VOV has a main objective to find the hidden talents of our young people through various initiatives. And young people get a chance to discover themselves in a playful and competitive way. VOV is a member organization of Fedactio.
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