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Spectacular finale for the 6th edition of the Colors of Belgium

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16-03-2015 – Yesterday, the 6th edition of the song and poetry contest, Colours of Belgium, under the motto 'Different languages, One feeling' was organized by the Belgian-Turkish Friendship Association (Beltud) in collaboration with Fedactio. 'Due to its successful formula, the Colors of Belgium has become a fixed value in Belgium,' the President of the Platform for Arts & Culture, Mevlüt Akgüngör said in his opening speech. On the festive finale there were more than 350 attendees including prominent personalities such as Eva De Roovere, Merdan Taplak, R.Kan Albay, Hans Primusz, Brahim, Mehmet Aydoğdu and Saddie Choua.

Since 2010, Beltud stimulates young children between age  10 and 15 under the motto "Different languages, One feeling ", to perform with a song or a poem in a language other than their mother tongue. Mevlüt Akgüngör stressed in his opening speech that speaking to a person in his own language is the first step is in getting to know him better. "More than ever there is a need for peace and dialogue",  said Akgüngör.

Eva De Roovere: There is a lot of talent in these little bodies!

The Belgian singer and songwriter Eva Roovere awarded the prizes in the categories of Dutch and Turkish song. She expressed her excitement to see the performances of such talented children. The first prize in the category of Dutch song was won by Gamze Imik with the song "Champion". And in the category of Turkish singing,  Gizlena won with the song  "Yalan".

Bahattin Koçak, freelance journalist and lecturer, presented the awards in the category French song. "With so much colorful talent on the stage, the future of Belgium is promising," said Koçak. The winner in the French category of singing was Yusra Gündoğdu, winning with the song "Dernière Danse".

R. Kan Albay: It is very pleasing to see so much energy and talent together.
Hans Primusz gave prizes in the category of Turkish poetry. Hasan al Hillou & Rania received the first prize in the Turkish poetry with the poem "Sirkeciden tren Gider". Mehmet Aydoğdu presented the award in the category of French poetry to Irem and Gözde having been nominated with the poem "Les Femmes et le Secret". In the category Dutch poetry Cenk Akyürek won  with his self-written poem "The Time Has Taught Us.'' His award was presented by Mevlüt Akgüngör.

Brahim: From the other side, seeing all the talent together is very special to me.
The Belgian R & B singer and presenter Brahim stressed that he found it very special to see the talent from the side of the audience. Brahim was the presenter of the previous edition of "Colors of Belgium."

About Beltud
The Belgian-Turkish Friendship (Beltud) was founded in 2010 with the aim to promote friendship and dialogue between the different communities in Belgium. Beltud committed to deepening the relationship between the Belgian and Turkish communities and turn this culture - in the broadest sense of the word - on. Beltud is also a founding member of Fedactio.

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