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Our events during the month of Ramadan

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“Our goal remains establishing connections.’

Now that the month of Ramadan has passed, it is time for an overview of the activities we organised during that period, of which the common denominator was their aim: to bring together different individuals and communities with diverse backgrounds. In this perspective, it needs to be stressed that Fedactio did not differentiate with which individuals they chose to engage in dialogue. Moreover, by bringing them together literally, a figurative closeness was established. In any case, it is easier to engage in dialogue face-to-face.

The project iftarmee (Translation: Iftar with us)

At the tail of the event, we managed to convince more than 700 people to sign up for an iftar-evening with one of our host families. Muslims and non-muslims, among which famous Flemings such as Phara de Aguirre, enjoyed a tasty iftar-meal in six Belgian provinces (both on Flemish and Walloon side). During the meal, the participants always found a language with which to communicate and both parties (hosts and guests) did their best to find common ground. In the aftermath, many guests decided to keep in contact with their host families, and vice versa. This demonstrates that the project succeeds in bring closer individuals on the long term as well.

Fedactio’s iftar-events in Belgium’s big cities

Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, Limburg, Liège and Charleroi all welcomed a diverse audience for their yearly iftar-evenings. In Ghent, Mayor Daniel Termont spoke up about the importance of diversity. In Antwerp, Mayor Bart De Wever gave an inspiring speech for a variegated audience of different religious communities, cultures, and with different political colours.

In Limburg, more than 130 individuals signed up for the eventful dinner, among which prominent members of Belgium’s civil society, scholars, deputies and famous Flemings such as Eva De Roovere. In Liège, Mayor Willy Demeyer shared a meal with football star Benteke, who found the time despite his busy schedule to participate in this event. In Charleroi, different Mayor Deputies attended the event. In Brussel, a healthy mix of scholars, professionals and politicians was established. 

All Fedactio’s regional responsibles agreed on the success and value of their iftar-evening: “It is important that we give people the opportunity to get to know each other, and for that purpose, the month of Ramadan is perfectly suited.”

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