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The finale of the Pangea Mathquiz 2018: these are the winners!

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160 finalisten vanover het hele land maten zich met elkaar tijdens de Pangea-wiskundequiz.
Fully concentrated
The Flemish Olympiad Association launched the 11th edition of Pangea-Mathquiz’s finale on 10 Mars 2018. The Pangea-mathquiz is a contest for primary school students in second and third grade and for secondary school students in the first and second grade. The contest is also organized in over 15 other European countries, . In Belgium, the contest counted 14.000 participants, of which only 160 Dutch-speakers got to the finals. These laureates had the opportunity to prove their mathematical talent at the ODISEE campus in Brussels.  

Following the contest, the finalists were given a little time to rest, as well as a sandwich and drinks. Meanwhile, the people in charge of the quiz’s correction got down to their work, which was worth the effort: just an hour later, the show-host Harun Kaya and the president of the VOV Esra Calik started awarding the prizes. The first-prize winner received a 100€ gift voucher and for the rest of the winners there were board games based on science and technology. Below you can find a list with all the winners. VOV wishes them the best with their well-deserved prizes.

Winners from third and fourth grade (primary school): 
Winners from third and fourth grade (primary school)

1. Avasare Nitya
2. Loones Roos
3. Franckx Milan
4. Lesage Tanguy
5. Terakemeh Roya

Winners from fifth and sixth grade (primary school): 
Winners from fifth and sixth grade (primary school)

1. Iacopucci Mauro
2. Tusschans Ward
3. Dylan Lejeune
4. Storm Raphaël
5. Delanote Ferre
Winners from the first and second grade (secondary school):

1. De Borger Des
2. Peersman Oscar
3. Deleu Ragne
4. Elmazzouji Omar
5. Lecomte Jasper

Winners from the third and fourth year (seconary school)
Winners from the third and fourth year (secondary school):

1. Mertens Mathias
2. Van de Putte Stig
3. Vleminck Brechje
4. Fieu Kenny
5. Hufkens Rob

VOV is very grateful for the contribution of every participant. The organisation’s purpose is to stimulate curiosity and passion for Mathematics among young people, as well as to keep students motivated for the subject in order to reduce the shortage of mathematicians in Flanders. Next year, VOV remain committed to the same purpose. Don’t forget to register!

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